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Dee Cohoon-Madore

Living in Bay View, Nova Scotia overlooking the Bay of Fundy, gives me a peaceful, easy and relaxed feeling. Being mere minutes from Digby, the scallop capital of the world, and all the fresh fish you can eat is just about the best thing that life has to offer if you love having fish on your plate. If you don’t want to cook it yourself, we offer fresh catch at local restaurants and take-out windows. Who wouldn’t want fresh haddie bits and fries ready for pick up in 10 minutes?

Have you read how far and wide my books have travelled? Recently added to that list are Edmonton and Grande Prairie, Alberta, Bowmanville and Richmond Hill, Ontario, plus several people have picked up an eBook from Amazon. The expansion of my readers is growing, and I appreciate each purchase and I welcome your comments.

COVID continues to dominate our lives. Sadly, it has been devistating for a lot of people, and my heart goes out to each and every one affected, but it has been a strange blessing in disguise for others. Some have found relationships that didn't exist previoulsy and countless pets have found new loving, forever homes as a result of the lockdowns. For me, I have been able to accomplish a lot of writing. The Bench, The Room and The Cabin at Kanyon Lake were all completed in 2020. 

This year, in 2021, I wrote JOY and Keeping Secrets, and just under the year-end wire, I am thrilled to launch Apartment #4, my latest. To get 2022 off with a bang, a sequel, which is yet to be named, is well on its way to completion, so stay tuned, because it won't be that long until it is ready!

All of my titles are available on Amazon, with all of my other reads, so please jump on over and pick one up. 


Here's a Cute Tidbit

Consider this weird truth. Fiction writers are basically liars on paper. They make things up about people that don’t really exist. The point is NOT to tell the truth but to tell as interesting a story as possible while still being believable. They play with the facts so that the story makes sense and hooks the reader. 

When I’m stuck for a character’s back story, I’ll base it on myself or the real-life of someone I know and change the facts to disguise reality.

In the end, I’m just a liar in my own world.

As you keep reading, I'll keep writing.

Dee Cohoon-Madore


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