Follow Gia through her own story, from start to finish, as it unravels like a ball of string.

A lifetime of heartache, betrayal and her version of abandonment caused Georgia to slowly lose trust and faith in everyone around her. From a very early age and with every betrayal, she began to slowly build walls one brick at a time until it was tall enough to protect her thoughts, feelings and her heart and soul.

She allowed the wall to be torn down only once. It had taken a stranger, a single red rose and a whirlwind romance that led to an unforgettable love.

Would the walls go back up when he moved on without her? Would she ever find that kind of love again? Only she had the answers to her own questions.


To my long-time dear friend, Joan Godin, I thank you so much, for always being there for me throughout my writings. ‘A true friend is one without an agenda... just friendship’, and this is the kind of friendship you have always given me. I meant these words in ‘Gifted’ and they are still true today. Thank you for the many hours you have spent helping me to edit my book when you had so much on your plate. You are always just a phone call away.

I also want to thank my friend, Glen Zwicker, who is always just an email away. From the very first few pages that I sent to you, you took the time to read them and send me suggestions, ideas and your honest opinions. For almost twenty-five years you have been a great friend. Thank you for being the first to read the finished manuscript.