We All Have Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams for ourselves.  I am one of those dreamers.  One of my dreams was to write a book and that dream has come true.  

There had always been a nagging in the back of my mind that I was forgetting to do something.  Even though over the years, I had written poetry, songs, short stories and children’s books,  all of which are still on my computers and in various notebooks, that nagging feeling did not go away... until I began my first novel, Gifted

Dreams Do Come TrueI remember I was so proud when I had finished it.  This story began from a dream I had one night. The next morning, I wrote down that dream on four sheets of paper while it was still fresh in my mind.  From those four pages, the story unfolded between the covers of my first novel Gifted, and my dream was realized. 

Page after page was written with what I called my storybook pencil.  Only when it was in my hand did the words flow to paper.  It was a joy to write; so much so that in less than three weeks, I had completed an unedited version. 

Since Gifted  started out as a dream, my next hope is that someday, I might see my story made into a family movie.  It would be an absolute delight to see my characters come to life on the silver screen. 

I once dabbled in my own fashion line, which like my future books is still on paper.  I love to get my drawing pad out and sit in my lounge chair and sketch clothing of all kinds.  From evening wear to pyjamas and everything in between.  I am not a great sketcher by any stretch of the imagination, but as long as I am holding a pencil I am in a good place. 

I take great pleasure in creating my works, and thus far, everyone who has read Gifted has loved it. Lately, I have just completed my second novel, Gypsy Heart and a snippet is posted here to give you a look into my dream world.

We all have our dreams, and so too should the readers of my books.  Dreams do come true.