Because their families thought they despised each other, Parker was determined to keep it that way. He was falling hard for Cami, but when he tells her that they must keep their newfound feelings a secret, his reason was genuine. Cami was only fourteen, and Parker knew that if their parents were to find out about them, they would have stopped that train of love in a heartbeat. He wanted to continue seeing her without family interference.

He hadn’t explained himself very well, and Cami thought he was ashamed of her. It hurt Cami when he insisted on keeping them a secret. She was better than that, and she knew it. Parker wasn’t getting away with having it both ways.

Leaving the cabin, she was determined never to see him again. Two years later, she found herself back at the cabin and in Parker’s arms again. Running from him a second time, Cami had to face the consequences of their love and its lasting effects.

Ten years later, she was back at the cabin and face to face with Parker. Would she run this time? Had their love been strong enough to last over the years they were apart? Would it be his turn to run when her secret is mistakenly revealed?

Consider this Weird Truth

Fiction writers are basically liars on paper. They make things up about people that don’t really exist. The point is NOT to tell the truth but to tell as interesting a story as possible while still being believable. They play with the facts so that the story makes sense and hooks the reader. 

When I’m stuck for a character’s back story, I’ll base it on myself or the real-life of someone I know and change the facts to disguise reality.

In the end, I’m just a liar in my own world.