Novel # 16 and counting...  My 2nd novel in 2023

My Kanyon Collection has travelled across the world. Adding to that list recently are such places as, Edmonton and Grande Prairie, in Alberta. Bowmanville and Richmond Hill, in Ontario, and several copies have recently travelled on vacation trips to places like Cabo San Lucas, Spain, Arizona and other resorts in Mexico and Cuba. It is truly an honour that my books are the preferred choice while my readers are on vacation. 

About The Assignment

An abandoned box car might not have been the ideal location for cub reporter Everly Storm to seek shelter. Her first big assignment for the newspaper might not have been worth risking her life for a story she might never get a chance to write.

Editor-in-Chief Jack Martin feels equally responsible for sending an inexperienced rookie reporter out on a week-long undercover assignment which could prove to be a huge mistake.

I hope you enjoy it.