Follow the magical story of a lonely and forgotten child. Eden Thomas developed an unusual connection to the beach at her family’s waterfront property. She found strange but wonderful comfort in a mysterious friend who appears whenever she seemed to need him.

From the twinkle in his eye and the softness in his voice, she instinctively knew that he was harmless. 

He offered her money for her beach glass until a tiny box of coins became a cedar chest of wealth.

San was always nearby as Eden’s guardian angel. He wasn’t always visible, but he never left her side as he watched her grow into a beautiful young woman.

San was devastated when Luke took advantage of Eden and left her pregnant and alone. San took care of Luke as he would anyone else who dared to harm Eden.

He was there when Eden became a mother and a grandmother. San was the only one that Eden trusted with herself, her son and eventually her grandchildren. They were his family and his responsibility, and he was there as their protector.