Drew: Facing betrayal. Is a secret love possible with the girl he literally fell for? - Sage: A new town, a new identity. Will she escape her secrets? - Cassie: Can she find love or will her secret destroy it? - Noah: Death revives a hidden secret about lost love - Lorraine: twenty-five years to find forever love - Keri: Were the last fifteen years were all for naught? - Amelia: What happens to dreams when bedroom secrets are revealed?

Dee's Memories and Dreams

Back in the day and in another life, I dreamt of becoming a model. One day, I came across an ad in a Toronto newspaper. An agency was looking for models for catalogue work and listed an address where auditions were being held.

I was twenty-four years old, a 98-pound rake with a new baby girl and a 5-year-old son. Despite my maturity, I still looked like a seventeen-year-old kid, and I wanted to give it a try. My mother, who was visiting at the time, offered to take me.

My wardrobe was less than desirable at the time, so my friend and neighbour Anita offered to lend me an outfit. I remember it was a perfectly fitting two-piece with a loose top and skirt-like shorts that settled just above the knees.

My mom had a built-in radar system when it came to directions, and on the day of the audition, she had me in a room with an agent in no time.

The woman in charge explained that they were looking for models for the Eaton’s and Sears catalogues.

Pointing to a platform, she asked me to do a walkthrough to show her what I’d look like on a runway. This was my chance to show off my scrawny frame. Confidently, I started my journey down the runway, pivoting at the end as I had previously practiced, then floated back to where I’d begun. Just as I’d seen professional models do.

“Perfect,” she’d said, BUT... my dream was dead in an instant. The agent liked what she saw and thought I could go places. Still, there was that dreaded 'but' that nobody ever wants to hear. She explained that there was a mandatory course needed, to ensure the best presentation. The thing was, every girl had to pay for the course out of their own pocket, and in those days that was asking the impossible. Dreams come, and dreams go.