Jaz is what they called her. It was short for Jazmine, ‘A flower from the olive family,’ from which she got her second name, Olivia.

Jaz was young, beautiful, carefree, and adamantly independent. She was a hippy in her own right, although she didn’t follow hippy rules. She loved her fun and quirky lifestyle, but she drew the line when it came to drugs. Having her own set of boundaries, she vowed that she would always stick as close to them as she possibly could. Although she had not taken up cigarettes or alcohol, she wasn’t against anyone who ventured in that direction. She had just chosen not to. Her motto was, live and let live. Stay in your own lane and mind your own business.

Once in a while, thoughts of her father would cross her mind. None were pleasant as he had been missing since she was a little girl.

For my friend, mentor and pen pal

My life consists of two kinds of Time
The Time when I am with you
And the Time when I am waiting
To be with you again.