The celebration of their first anniversary and a loveless marriage leads Darla to the man of her dreams… it just wasn’t her husband.

Bowled over by her beauty, Connor, blond, blue eyes and packed in a sexy package, fell for Darla the moment he touched her hand. The problem was, she was his friend’s wife.

A love sensation, passionate sex, a revealing secret, then separation… the flame never died.

Separate paths, a new identity, and a struggling career all lead to no possibility of reuniting. 

An inheritance, a new job… who would ever think to look for love in your own backyard… literally.

The Grand Manor is a story of love lost and then found again in the most peculiar way… happenstance.


I spend many hours with my head buried in my notebook writing notes and ideas for my books.  Once that process is ‘done’, relatively speaking, it must be transferred from paper to laptop. This is where my stories begin to come to life.   I take those notes and expand on them to create my characters into what I want them to be and hopefully into people my readers can relate to and fall in love with.

So, for all the time I spend buried in novel notes and at the keyboard, I’d like to thank my husband, Jim. Your patience and your good-natured spirit are second to none.  Thank you for being my ‘go-to’ guy for answers to the many questions and for explaining things that would help give me another perspective.