This is my 14th novel.

What would you do if the one person closest to you did the unthinkable?

If forgiveness was in Jordan’s future thoughts, could it ever be forgotten? One brother begs for forgiveness, while the other refuses to give it.

Follow Joshua and Jordan to find out if Joshua can eventually redeem himself in the eyes of his younger brother after his ultimate betrayal.

About Betrayal

“Joshua,” the voice cooed. It dripped with fever-pitch echoes coming from raw sexual pleasure. “Yes,” Jordan heard, “I want you!”

‘Joey?’ he squinted his eyes and cringed when the words found his ears.

Posing his finger, he silently pushed lightly on the door to open it wide enough to take a peek.
Surely I’m wrong,’ he thought, ‘that cannot be his Joey with his brother!’ But what he witnessed next shook him to the foundation of his soul.

I hope you enjoy it.