A run-away driver slams into the driver’s side of a small compact car ending his life and that of another driver. Echo Everdeen’s dreams were shattered, and her life was changed forever on the very same day as her new life was set to begin with handsome Remington Huntington.

Follow Echo’s heartbreak through the halls of a psych ward, breakdowns at a cemetery, and Remi’s ghost ringing her doorbell.

A Note from Dee

An author can spend months creating a new novel. A reader can spend a day or two reading that novel depending on how deeply the story inspires. That is the encouragement a writer thrives on. It’s getting lost in the story. It’s where the story takes you inside your imagination. It’s travelling through the story and envisioning it in your mind like a movie as the writer intends.

It's why I write and I hope you would write to me to let me know your feelings. I personally reply to each comment. Feedback feeds my soul and inspires me to continue and bring my books to you.

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