This is something quite different from my novels

As an author I started my journey, dabbling in poetry, many years ago. Some weren’t bad, some were awful, and others became treasures to special friends. I wrote them in a black hard-covered notebook and after I finished, they were forgotten. Packed away and moved from place to place, they became just another notebook in a basket. Some of these poems are at least thirty-plus years old.

One day, I opened the book and began to read them again and wondered if I create a book of poetry. I decided that I had an adequate number in the notebook for a round figure of fifty. Choosing carefully, I selected the ‘best’ ones. Leaving some behind, I found I was several short of my mark. So, I picked up my pencil and began writing a few more to make up my desired total.

I hope you enjoy this little book of poems and perhaps a few of you will relate to some, smile at some or maybe one or two may grab your heart a little.


I hope you enjoy it.