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Just to let you know I really enjoyed your book, Blind Love. My housework didn’t get done that day because I couldn’t put it down. Thanks for your great stories. I can’t wait for the next one!
Posted By: Yvonne Boudreau, Weymouth, NS
I finished your latest book, Blind Love, in 3 evenings and I couldn't put it down. It was such a great read!!!!!
I am looking forward to your next book. Keep writing...
Posted By: Audrey Frankland, Weymouth, NS
Hello Dee, just wanted to let you know I just finished Blind Love. I thought it was just wonderful, I loved how it took you back in time. It was truly a wonderful romance, it lets your mind travel in time and remember some good times in the past. ???
Posted By: Linda Woods
Dee I ju st finished reading Screts in Kanyon Ridge, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was hard to. Put it down due to some twists in the story it kept be wanting to know what was next. Was thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

I guess now I will have to wait for Joy to arrive. Blessings
Posted By: Linda Woods
Hi Dee,
I finished ‘Secrets in Kanyon Ridge’ yesterday. It was a great read with a surprise twist. Thanks for writing it and I am looking forward to the next one.
Posted By: Pat Teed, Ottawa, Ont
Just a note to tell you how much I loved and enjoyed 'Timeless Love.' I am looking forward to reading 'Secrets in Kanyon Ridge.' Be sure to let me know when it is available!
Love Marjorie & Nestor
Posted By: Marjorie & Nestor..
This is the very first comment from my latest book, 'Secrets in Kanyon Ridge.' Thank you so much Liz.

'Hi, I just finished reading Secrets in Kanyon Ridge, loved it! It really was a great story and I was hooked. Had to finish it in one go. Thanks again for sharing it with us.'
Posted By: Liz Ireland, Free State, South Africa
Wow, Dee, you did it again. Timeless Love kept me wondering what was coming up next and it was difficult to put it down until I knew. It had love, suspense and ended with a happy ending which is so different from most books written these days. All of your books have been amazing and I look forward to the next ones.
Posted By: Pat Teed, Ottawa, Ont.
Darlene I just finished reading Timeless Love, it took me one day. It has been years since I read a book, once I started reading this book I could not put it down. I could not remember what I even had for supper, did not watch News at 6 either. I thank you for this amazing book, now I am going to start on another of your books. Well done.
Posted By: Joan Germaine
Darlene I just finished “Timeless Love” and it is a beautiful story. I had trouble putting it down, but in total it took me 2 days to finish it. It was so touching to think one could hold a love so deep and to have the most amazing ending. Thanks Darlene, looking forward to “Second Chances.”

Your friend Linda Woods
Posted By: Linda Woods
Hello Again from Digby NS

I must say I find your writing easy to read ! Gypsy Heart was so raw with emotions ! It’s an eye opener along with a strong message , that will help a lot of women and men feel that they are not alone in struggles with Abuse . We all have a story to tell about life and we are blessed that you shared yours with us . Thank you Dee for giving us Gia and Beau and best of all your Rock Lane ❤️
Posted By: Janet Hughes
What a lovely novel ‘Gifted’ was!  I started it mid-afternoon and could not put it down!  I woke the next morning so excited to finish the story.  Not even a day went by, and cover to cover was enjoyed!  I’m excited to start another of her next books, ‘Gypsy Heart’.  What I am most elated about is this wonderful Author is living in our soothing seaside town of Digby, NS
Posted By: Janet Hughes
Hi Dee, I finished ‘The Grand Manor’ this evening. This has to be the best story I've read in a long, long time. When I say, ‘I couldn't put it down’, I mean that literally! Dee, that was such a romantic and beautiful story. When I got back, after picking it up from my mailbox, I opened it and started reading immediately. I had a feeling of anticipation, just knowing I was about to read another book that you wrote. It's been a very long time since I started and ended a book in a short few hours. Anyone with a longing for a solid love story won't be disappointed. I know I wasn't. Can't wait for your next book! Please let me know when it's available. All of your books would make wonderful movies!! Hugs.
Joan Marshall
Posted By: Joan Marshall
Hi Dee,
After reading "Gypsy Heart", I had to take a few days to get all my thoughts in order. It is such an accelerating and revealing story, I could not put it down. This powerful book was reflective, moving and written with raw and vivid emotion. Anyone who reads this book will surely see what a wonderful author you have become. Thank you, Dee, for what you put on paper for all to enjoy.

Joan Marshall
Posted By: Joan Marshal
Hi Dee, I finished reading your book "Gifted" and must say, I thought it was fabulous! I was so involved with everyone in the story, it was as if I was actually there with them. I had a distinct visual of the beach, the house and the town. There was not one second in the entire book where I became bored or uninterested, you held me captive through it all.
It was a wonderful story written by a great author! Now I'm starting on "Gypsy Heart", and I'll soon be sending for more books from you.
Posted By: Joan Marshall in Tiny, Ontario
Hi Dee
Just wanted to say thank you again for your books that my daughter, Linda Connelly gave me for my birthday! I'm an avid reader and enjoyed them immensely. Each book just kept getting better!
Am anxiously awaiting your next read!!
Posted By: Dorothea Stark
Hi Dee
Just wanted to say thank you again for your books that my daughter, Linda Connelly gave me for my birthday! I'm an avid reader and enjoyed them immensely. Each book just kept getting better!
Am anxiously awaiting your next read!!
Posted By: Dorothea Stark & Linda Connelly
Dee, I can tell you that I really enjoyed your book, The Grand Manor. -- I can tell you also that I don't read much but, your book kept me in suspense.... Every chapter wanted me to say "what is happening to Darla next!!" -- I just loved the book.....I might want to start reading something new. - thinking about you
Posted By: Andy Lebel
Well Dee, I just finished 'The Grand Manor' and I just loved it. My heart went out to Darla from the very start. I was glad she had a sister she could confide in. It truly was a very good read. Thanks for these books, I have enjoyed all of your books and I am looking forward to the next one.

Love you
Posted By: Linda Woods
Darlene, I just finished reading Gypsy Heart, I must say some parts were hard to read because it brought back memories of some things I had been through myself. The section "Positive Thinking is Powerful" was truly very meaningful and something I have tried so hard to do especially in the last couple of years. Thank you Darlene for such wonderful book. Now I am on my way to The Grand Manor. Love You.
Posted By: Your Friend and adopted Sister. Linda Woods
Hello Dee,
I am a friend of Debra Bambrough. She and I have been friends for almost 25 years. I love her to bits! A few weeks ago she came to my place for a couple days for a visit and she brought two of your books, Gifted and Gypsy Heart. I absolutely loved Gifted! It was brilliant. What a wonderful, "all toute sweet", story. It was such a pleasant read. I loved it. I would like to get a copy of it to give to my niece for her birthday in March. Is it available on your website here? I’m about 1/4 way thru the Gypsy Heart book.. It’s sad and resonates with me, and I find it difficult to read at times. But I like your simple, honest writing style. I love to read, and I am so glad Debbie shared her books with me! Hopefully when she gets others, she'll lend them to me as well. Every book I read in my life is a journey into the lives in the story. Thank you for your imagination and literary efforts. Good luck in your future creative endeavors. All the best, Dee.
Posted By: Debbie Cumrie, Toronto, Ontario
Darlene, I finished Gifted in two days while I went to Cuba. It was so good I just could not put it down. I sincerely believe that we all do have a Guardian Angel. I am now reading Gypsy Heart.

This is the second time my book, 'Gifted' went to Cuba, Thanks Linda, I hope you enjoy the others.
Posted By: Linda Woods, Digby N.S.
This proved to be a most intriguing read and reread – the first time it was suspected, I was sent the wrong copy! Because it is such a great story, it has not been a burden to read Gifted the number of times necessary in its editing. I look forward to her next novel, already proving to be another good read.
Posted By: Joan Godin
“I read your book and was very impressed. The story flowed well and was easy to read. It was a great effort on my part to read that much at one time, a page or two at a time is my goal. But you did a super job and now I am looking forward to the second one.”
Posted By: Carol Elliott
“I was one of the first to read Gifted in rough draft. I found the characters very interesting and personally I thought it to be a good read.”
Posted By: Debbie Blinn
I got so involved in the story that could not prepare my meal without the copy on my kitchen counter. I “could not put it down”.

Thank you sis, your love and support is greatly appreciated. - Dee
Posted By: Phyllis Handspiker
Rainey, was one of the first people to read my finished, printed copy and could not express enough, how much she loved my story. In her words,

“My name is Rainey Cromwell, I'm thirteen years old, I've read "Gifted" by Darlene Madore. Usually I read two books at a time to keep my interest, but with "Gifted" it was all I wanted to read. Whenever I wasn't reading I would be thinking about it and imagining things in the book in real life. I liked "Gifted" because it is so real. How everything was described, the amazing vocabulary, the characters, the settings, all of the minor details made me feel like I was really in the story. I would read "Gifted" again and again. I would recommend this novel to anybody who likes to read realistic novels with a hint of fantasy! I loved this book!!”
Posted By: Rainey Cromwell
Dee. I cannot wait for this book to be put out as I have read "Gifted" and "Gypsy Heart" and loved them both. I found it hard to put the books down, they catch your heart and interest.
Posted By: Gwendoynn Nakpil
Finished your book, The Grand Manor. Very enjoyable read. Haven't finished my wrapping, spent too much time reading lol
Posted By: Eileen Banks
I have finished The Grand Manor and it was a very good story. You should be proud of yourself, I couldn't write a joke let alone a book.

Hurry and get writing to complete another book. It may be a long winter and I need something to read.

Again, a very,very,very,very good job. Your books are so good that it doesn't take me long to read one. Can't put them down.
Posted By: Carol Elliott
Dee, I finished your book, The Grand Manor, yesterday. I started reading it on Saturday and just couldn't put it down until I was finished. Great reading. Loved the story.

It was emotional, but not like the whirlwind that Gypsy Heart was where I was up and down and had emotions I didn't know I had. It is a good writer who can do that.
Posted By: Pat Tweed
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