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Another great comment

Recently, my FB friend, Joan Marshall, contacted me to purchase two of my books. She read 'Gifted' first and then I received this comment.

"Hi Dee, I finished reading your book "Gifted" and must say, I thought it was fabulous! I was so involved with everyone in the story, it was as if I was actually there with them. I had a distinct visual of the beach, the house and the town. There was not one second in the entire book where I became bored or uninterested, you held me captive through it all. It was a wonderful story written by a great author! Now I'm starting on 'Gypsy Heart', and I'll soon be sending for more books from you."

Then, after reading 'Gypsy Heart' she commented again:

"Hi Dee, after reading "Gypsy Heart", I had to take a few days to get all my thoughts in order. It is such an accelerating and revealing story, I could not put it down. This powerful book was reflective, moving and written with raw and vivid emotion. Anyone who reads this book will surely see what a wonderful author you have become. Thank you Dee for what you put on paper for all to enjoy."

Then I got this note in my inbox:

"Dee, now, I must ask you to please send 'The Grand Manor' to me, whenever you get a minute. I really like your style of writing, it's very down to earth, so please keep writing more books."

This is what keeps me writing! Thank you, Joan and all the readers who took the time to send your comments. To read similar comments on my web page visit  www.deelightfulreading.com and click on the comment section and read on!


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