The Grand Manor

The Grand Manor

About The Book

The celebration of her loveless marriage leads Darla to realize the man of her dreams… it just wasn’t her husband…

Bowled over by beauty, Connor, blond, blue eyed and packed in a sexy carton himself, fell for her the moment he touched her hand… but, it was another man’s wife…

A love sensation, passionate sex, a revealed secret, then separation… the flame never died…

Detached paths, a new identity, a struggling career. There was no possibility of reuniting.

An inheritance, a new job… who would ever think to look for love in one’s own backyard... literally.

The Grand Manor is a story of love lost, and then found again in the most peculiar of ways… happenstance!


I spend many hours with my head buried in my notebook writing notes and ideas for my books.  Once that process is ‘done’, relatively speaking, it must be transferred from paper to laptop. This is where my stories begin to come to life.   I take those notes and expand on them to create my characters into what I want them to be and hopefully into people my readers can relate to and fall in love with.

So, for all the time I spend buried in novel notes and at the keyboard, I’d like to thank my husband, Jim. Your patience and your good-natured spirit are second to none.  Thank you for being my ‘go to’ guy for answers to the many questions and for explaining things that would help give me another perspective.
I wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to my editing team, cover artist and web designer at Cedar Springs, for being there for me, giving of your time and going above and beyond to get ‘The Grand Manor‘ to print.

Lastly, to my dedicated readers, thank you for your patience, your welcomed comments and especially for requesting to be on the list for my next books.    Your excitement and anticipation for The Grand Manor is appreciated, and makes this all worthwhile.


She swayed beautifully to the music that flowed out from the speakers that were hidden inside the walls. ‘Dance like no one is watching’ they say, so she did, but someone was. She did not see anyone at first as she swung her arms and moved her hips to the rhythm of the music. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirrored wall as she twirled and curled to the beat as gracefully as any ballerina. As the music ended, she arched her back, raised her hands to form a circle above her head, then to an arc and brought her feet together. Raising her eyes to the mirror, she caught sight of a shadow ducking quickly out of sight. Her first thoughts went quickly back to a time when she had noticed her aunt leaning against the door frame of this same loft watching her with sheer pleasure. As she encouraged her to continue, she danced there before her. But it was not her aunt who was watching and fear gripped her at the thoughts of an intruder inside her home!

“Who’s there!?” she yelled, as she raced to the door. She stopped short in her tracks as she came chest to chest with the intruder. Umph! The sound escaped her lungs as they collided.

You!? What are you doing here!?”