"Gypsy Heart"

Gypsy Heart

About The Book

When you hear the word ‘Gypsy’ you tend to think of it as someone who does not know where they want to live or be.  Perhaps they are not satisfied to stay in one place very long, and then the urge would strike them to move on.  Gia considered her mother as having ‘gypsy blood’.  She was never satisfied to live in one place for longer than a year, and sometimes less.  She uprooted her family so many times that there was no place any one of them could call ‘home’.

Gia Lake referred to herself as having a ‘Gypsy Heart’.  Her heart belonged to no one.  As a young girl, she had already dealt with abuse and betrayal.  She felt disconnected from everyone and feelings escaped her.  She never learned how to love but how could she when she had never experienced anything like it.  She had been told, by her Sunday School teacher, that Jesus loved her but she did not know what it meant.  Jesus was someone she could not physically hold on to, so it was not likely that someone she could not see actually loved her when people all around her did not.  She felt empty, alone and forgotten.  She had never heard the words ‘I love you’ in her longest memory.

She built protective walls around her thoughts, feelings, heart and soul.  Still, they had been torn away by so many that it had led to her trust issues.  She had developed these trust issues at a very young age and would not allow herself to accept love and had difficulty giving it. 

She allowed the wall to be torn down only once.  It had taken a stranger and a whirlwind romance like no other before or since.  She found no need to protect herself with Beau. 

Did those walls go back up when he moved on without her?  Would she ever find love again?  Only she had the answer to that question.


For all the time I spend at the keyboard typing my stories, I’d like to thank my husband, Jim. Your patience and your good-natured spirit are second to none. For the many nights that I disturbed you by getting up to write my thoughts down on paper as they came to me in the darkness and for allowing me to run them by you when you wanted to sleep. I thank you for being my ‘go to’ guy for answers to my questions and for explaining things that would help give me another perspective.

To my long time dear friend, Joan Godin, I thank you so much, for always being there for me throughout my writings. ‘A true friend is one without an agenda... just friendship’, and this is the kind of friendship you have always given me. I meant these words in ‘Gifted’ and they are still true today. Thank you for the many hours you have spent helping me to edit my book when you had so much on your plate. You are always just a phone call away.

I also want to thank my friend, Glen Zwicker, who is always just an email away. From the very first few pages that I sent to you, you took the time to read them and send me suggestions, ideas and your honest opinions. For almost twenty-five years you have been a great friend. Thank you for being the first to read the finished manuscript.

I wish to thank my readers who have been waiting for, and encouraging me to finish, Gypsy Heart.


The lives of Bradley and Anna Lake resembled a runaway train looking for a place to derail. A couple of young lovers, who did not know the first thing about love, jumped at the chance for happiness. But the happiness they were searching for had soon come to an abrupt end. With the birth of each child, it widened the already growing gap between them. When baby number two, three and four came along not only did the space grow but so did the tension in an already unstable home.

... And then there was Gia, Georgia Emily-Anne Lake, an innocent child who was born smack dab in the middle of chaos, jealousy and abuse and into a torment that would follow her throughout her lifetime.
Gia goes through her life from her past to present, repeatedly, in order to help rid herself of the torment where it all began. Back to the time when life got complicated, and her happiness was stolen from her, robbing her of a normal childhood, adolescence and her entire adult life. This journey takes her back in time to try to erase the demons that have haunted her since childhood.