A Novel, "Gifted"


A Dedication

This novel, Gifted, is dedicated to my God and my own special Guardian Angel who has been ever present with me. Without their guidance and everlasting love, my life could have taken unimaginable turns and not led me to this place of Peace, Tranquility, and Creativity, I now enjoy.

An Engaging Story

This engaging story walks us through the life of a little girl, who grows into a beautiful young lady and ultimately a caring and concerned grandmother. What could have been a very lonely life was transformed by the watchful care of her dearest friend. However, a situation beyond her parents' control had caused them to uproot from any semblance of family life and relocate to 56 Garden Place while Eden was still a babe in arms, there to lead a solitary life and bring her up in that same manner.

San, her lifelong friend, can be regarded as a mischievous, loveable immortal. He has been around for a long, long time. His kind heart and gentle spirit and the fact he literally pops in and out of the lives of “his” family endear him to every reader.

The Prologue

Eden Thomas, ignored by both parents, became a loner at a very young age. She accepted her life as it was and learned to enjoy her own company.
Before she gave in to loneliness she spent her time in the only place that gave her peace, comfort, and solitude… the beach, and spent every possible moment there.

One day, while in her favorite place she was befriended by a handsome stranger who awakened a ‘gift’ in her she never knew she had. He would appear to her on those days that she searched for beach glass that he too had an interest in. This secret friendship was to last a lifetime.

Upon losing her parents, 56 Garden Place became hers and she set out to make it a special place. While enjoying the garden on a beautiful spring day, Eden was drawn in by the flirtatious behavior of the new neighbor, Luke. An invitation to dinner was accepted but when his charm took advantage of her naivety, a disastrous evening ensued. In the morning, and very hungover, Eden was well aware of what Luke had done to her.

Although San was furious with Luke, he was aware of Eden’s condition even before she was and set out to protect her and destroy the one who wronged her. An unexpected pregnancy prompted San to maintained a constant vigil over Eden’s son, Adam, and watched him grow from a happy child into a distinguished young doctor that they both were very proud of. Although Adam felt the constant presences of San, it would be years before he would see him.
Adam met the woman of his dream as he delivered her twins and it would only be months down the road when she would become his wife and claim the children as his own. Eden was overjoyed at the thought of being a grandmother to not only one but two beautiful babies, Jacob and Eve

On a busy day in the ER, Adam walked into a cubicle and came face to face with his mirror image. When the appointment was over Adam left for home to confront his mother. As Adam sat telling his story to Eden, she was shocked to the very core. San was eavesdropping on the conversation and what he heard set him off into a tailspin as he realized his work with Luke was not finished. It was the day that Eden’s past came back to haunt her and she had no choice but to try and explain it to Adam.

As the story unraveled about Eden’s past, San’s presence took a different turn toward Eden’s entire family and the ‘gift’ was rediscovered in a little girl that had a special and surprising ‘connection’ to Eden.

Gifted Goes to Cuba
Gifted Goes to Cuba