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All about Dee

Hi, I am Dee Madore, a vivacious young senior from Digby, Nova Scotia. Being retired, I am free to escape into endless hours of writing.

I grew up in a relatively poor family, in a rural community; the fifth of ten children. I came from a seriously dysfunctional family, which made my childhood a very unhappy place to be. My parents separated when I was eight years old leaving my mother with a brood of kids to raise on her own. There was not one place we could call home, for very long, because we moved from place to place every few years or sooner if called for.

Dee MadoreI can remember my mother wrapping dishes in old newspapers and packing them in a barrel. There was not much to move once you got past the dishes and linens. The furniture was scarce since we had only the bare essentials. Sparse living room furniture, beds, table and chairs mostly made up the household furnishings. Life was far from easy for our family.

I married my childhood sweetheart at twenty and moved to Toronto for several years. Although the marriage could have been a good one, it lasted for only seven years, but it brought me, two beautiful children. It seemed I had already come full circle since now I was the single mom. Living on a shoestring budget, I managed to see both my children graduate from high school and begin new lives and careers of their own.

Because of the empty nest syndrome, I focused on pursuing further education. With an entrepreneurial spirit, I formed a company and operated a successful business for several years. It was during my business years that I met my future husband.

After I remarried and retired, I began to seriously focus on my writing. I had notebooks and scraps of writing, but nothing really materialized until I began to write my first novel, ‘Gifted.’ After ‘Gifted,’ I wrote ‘Tidbits, Tips & Treasures,’ which is a self-help book meant to have something for everyone.

My latest effort, 'Timeless Love,' is now available in paperback or as an e-book from Amazon

Now that I have completed ‘Gypsy Heart’ and made it available on my newly redesigned website, I am ready to turn my attention back to my next three adventures, ‘Two Sisters, One Man,’ ‘From Then, Now and Forever’ and ‘JOY.’

Please let me know your thoughts after settling in with any of my novels, by leaving a comment for me. I read and personally reply to every one of them so, don't be shy

Thank you for visiting and supporting me, I hope you enjoy reading my works as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Dee Madore