About the Book

Tidbits, Tips & Treasures

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A Dedication

This book, Tidbits, Tips & Treasures, is dedicated to my God and my own special Guardian Angel who have been ever present with me. Without their guidance and everlasting love, my life could have taken unimaginable turns and not led me to this place of Peace, Tranquility and Creativity, I now enjoy.

About the Book

My 2nd book is a departure from my usual genre of the novel. The idea for Tidbits, Tips & Treasures came as I sat dreaming about writing another book. At my age I have stored up a lot of useful information so I thought ‘why not write it down.’ From there I considered it to be acceptable to create another book.

I asked the right questions and listened to the answers. I took in as much as I could and if it worked for me I continued with it, if it didn’t, I let it go.

It is actually surprising to realize how much is stored in our brain when we sit and think about it as I did. Not all of the information in here is mine but I put it together, mixed it up with my thoughts and dreams and came up with Tidbits, Tips & Treasures.

Like many of you out there I watch TV shows like The Doctors, Oprah, Dr Phil and many, many others with more information than our brains can possibly hold.  I have learned something from every show I watch whether it is a break through or something so insignificant that someone else may not catch it.

I also have gotten great advice, over the years, from many friends, family and acquaintances along the way about skin care, hair, makeup and so much more. 

It does not matter what your age, if you are reading this then it is important for you, too. Taking care of ourselves should mean something to everyone and should be taken seriously.  It is our body and our responsibility to take care of it. 

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There is something useful in Tidbits, Tips & Treasures for everyone.  Whether you are a male or female, we all have questions about makeup, personal hygiene, useful tips and health issues. There is something in here about almost everything from head to toe and in-between.

The information has been learned, practiced and used over the years and was given to me by many people who have moved in and out of my life.

I have also selected several informative and helpful hints that were sent to me, via email forwards, that I found very useful, interesting and a must to keep and share. 

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